Kitchen Production

NCR kitchen hardware gives restaurants the information they need to prepare orders accurately and efficiently. Our kitchen production system includes a kitchen controller, touch monitor, bump bar and printer, streamlining operations in food establishments where speed is everything.

NCR kitchen display hardware makes every second count with a rich, customizable display loaded with actionable information. Staff can monitor screens to obtain all the information they need to sequence, make and close orders and prevent lost orders. Our kitchen display hardware solution includes:

Kitchen Controller
The kitchen controller is designed to relay kitchen order information to a kitchen monitor directly after they are entered into the POS system. This hardware option is ideal for production stations that continuously start and bump items.

Bump Bar
The NCR Bump Bar is built with a rugged aluminum enclosure that is resistant to water and other solvents like cleaning agents. Each key is programmable to a pre-defined function list, increasing operational flexibility.

NCR Aloha Kitchen Datasheet