Orderman7 Handheld

Hand-held POS terminals featuring individual solutions for every application Orderman devices are specially made to thrive in the tough environment of the hospitality industry. Ergonomics, design and robustness make Orderman devices what they are: professional tools for professional restaurateurs.

For Every Need
Radio ordering with Orderman helps to save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency in the hospitality industry. This is undisputed. It is also well known that Orderman can help to generate up to 25% more sales. So what’s new? Radio ordering is now faster, more reliable and easier than ever before with the all-new 7th generation of Orderman devices – the NCR Orderman7. Benefit from technical features and unflagging spirit of our newest champion. The reasons for the NCR Orderman7’s unbeatable quality: twenty years of experience and a high level of expertise stand behind this device specially designed to meet the challenges of the hospitality industry.

Withstanding the rigors of day-to-day operations
Our handhelds are built specifically for tough hospitality environments. Unlike other consumer handheld devices, such as Smartphones, our Orderman handhelds can withstand drops, spills and the rigors of day-to-day operations.

Improving operational efficiency
Our handhelds can accommodate any menu and utilize radio signals to ensure 100% freedom from malfunctions – from kitchen to outdoor seating areas. With a battery life of more than 18 hours, dual processor technology and durable features, your employees can easily take orders, handle payments and print receipts – without leaving the customer’s side.

Orderman7 Datasheet