Aloha Kitchen

NCR Aloha Kitchen for restaurants helps you maximize kitchen efficiency. The kitchen production software solution, including software, kitchen controllers, monitors and bump bars, integrates with all NCR Aloha functionality, including your takeout and guest management operations. Our solution helps:

Maximize productivity
Our kitchen production software solution displays support recipes, images, and videos for each item, enabling your kitchen to prepare and deliver dishes correctly. The tool can also remotely configure multiple locations at one time, streamlining multi-site operations.

Improve customer service
By automating your kitchen operations, cooks and servers are able to focus solely on food quality – helping create the best customer experience possible.

Coordinate production easily
NCR Aloha Kitchen’s bright graphical displays have functionality, including screen design, key metrics and sorting options, that can be fully configured based on your kitchen’s needs. Cook timing technology helps your kitchen staff coordinate production effectively to ensure the freshest food is delivered at the optimum temperature.

Provide instant troubleshooting
Analyze order information, speed of service and lead ticket times to determine how long an order has been in production. Instantly address any problems, reducing service delays.

Deliver customers fast, fresh food that’s made to order
The kitchen production software solution helps your staff make customer service their top priority. It controls speed of service, by timing appetizer, entrée and dessert preparation, without rushing guests. The solution also sends alerts when guests arrive to pick up orders or have been waiting too long.