Aloha Table Service

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Aloha TableService offers advanced point-of-sale functionality, intuitive Windows™-based touch screens, open architecture, built-in redundancy, extensive front-of-house reporting, and much more to meet the needs of your business. This peerless POS system provides you with the tools to effectively and efficiently manage your operations. No matter how you configure this system, the end result is always a smooth-running, seamlessly integrated system. And TableService modular, upgradeable design allows it to grow with your business, accommodating your future needs while helping you maximize the life and value of your investment. What it comes down to is this: Aloha TableService gives you the peace of mind you need to run a successful business.


Unmatched performance, functionality and features

Order processing ease

Powerful management functions

Unparalleled menu management capacity

Built-in security system

Modular, flexible design that allows the system to meet your current and future needs

Fast and easy to train



Intuitive touch-screen interfaces

Built-in Redundancy

User-customizable screens and screen flow

Menu management

Comprehensive reporting package

Microsoft Windows™-based

Several graphical user interfaces

Performance measurements for servers

Open architecture

Off-the-shelf, non-proprietary hardware capabilities

Server performance measures

Simple check or item splitting and combining functionality


Intuitive Touch Screens

Aloha TableService offers a vast selection of features that help shape the way you serve. Aloha’s intuitive touch screens put theuser in control with the touch of a finger, making operating and customizing the system a snap, allowing you to decrease training time and increase employee productivity. With TableService, it’s easier than ever to enter orders, manage guest checks, run promotions and process payments. Whether you’re printing individual, combined or split checks, modifying orders or transferring tables, Aloha TableService makes it easy. What used to take several weeks of training now only takes a few hours. Experience a profitable reduction in training time and costs with the Aloha system.


Virtual Order Processing

With Aloha TableService, communication flows smoothly and seamlessly from your wait staff to the kitchen staff. Voids, order changes and adds can now be handled effortlessly through the Aloha system, eliminating unnecessary trips to and from the kitchen. And with Aloha’s menu item availability feature, you’re able to count down selected items or specials as they’re ordered so servers never order out-of-stock items – which ensures your customers will continue to receive only the best possible service.


Powerful Management Functionality

Managing a restaurant has never been easier – because TableService puts you in control. Whether you have weekly promotions or daily menu changes, the built-in Event Scheduler lets you program events that are automatically activated at a specified time. Special messages can be entered to appear on screen, keeping your employees informed and in the know. Add Aloha and get web-based reporting and management features.


The comprehensive reporting package allows you to keep track of real-time sales results and other data. Aloha makes front-of-house operations a breeze without sacrificing security and control. With extensive front-of-house reporting features like realtime sales statistics, product mix reports, employee check-in stats and server sales, you’re able to spend more time with your customers and still keep up with the latest profit margins and performance measures. Multi-site or Franchise operators can benfit even more with Aloha


Optional Packages for Aloha TableService

Aloha Electronic Draft Capture (EDC).

Authorize, process and settle credit card transactions easily and efficiently with this full-featured package. Features include IP-based credit card processing (EDC), multi-transaction processing, multi-processor support and split dialing capabilities, printer routing, complete reporting and audit trail functionality and tip processing fee collection.


Aloha Customer Management

Manage a complete customer database to offer loyalty programs and track vital customer information with Aloha eFrequency. Features include a state-of-the-art frequent buyer program with multiple customizable bonus plans, detailed history of buyer trends and a centralized database. eCard makes it easy to sell, redeem and track gift certificates.


Aloha PMS Interface

Integrate your hotel, country club or resort restaurant operations with your property management systems using this uniform POS-to-PMS interface. Transactions are posted to the property management system and daily charge reports are created, allowing hotel accounting personnel simple tracking capabilities.

Aloha Kitchen
Add value to your kitchen operations

Aloha Kitchen restaurant management software helps you maximize guest satisfaction, reduce staff costs, minimize kitchen errors and reduce wasted food. Kitchen staff is more productive and able to focus solely on food quality.

With its bright graphical displays, robust reporting capabilities and quote time calculators, Aloha Kitchen restaurant management software gives you better analysis, enhanced organization of items and controlled timing functionality.

Aloha Kitchen seamlessly integrates to additional functionality within the Aloha solution, such as takeout, guest management and configuration systems.

Improve speed of service
Better control your speed of service without rushing guests and drop critical minutes off of total check times. Better time appetizer, entrée and dessert preparation and delivery.

Maintain high food quality
Serve the freshest and best product possible by keeping dishes at optimum temperatures.

Increase productivity
Reduce the number of required on-shift employees with highly streamlined and efficient kitchen technology and better coordinate order of production with cook timing functionality.

Enhance the guest experience
Display modifiers easily and clearly to ensure dishes are created as requested by guests.

Analyze and manage information
Analyze item details, speed of service rates and order information with robust kitchen operations reports. View lead ticket times to determine how long an order has been in production.