Aloha Guest Manager

Tools to deliver a truly memorable guest experience

Create great expectations with NCR Aloha Guest Manager. This multi-functional restaurant software application optimises the customer experience by helping hosts quote wait times accurately, seat guests promptly and recognise repeat visitors. In addition, the Aloha Guest Manager restaurant software boosts profitability with seat utilisation and host productivity tools. Benefits include:

Superior customer service
Aloha Guest Manager enables hosts to provide guests with accurate wait time estimates and to capture and respond to their requests. In addition, the solution includes a customer database that tracks preferences and visit history, helping hosts identify repeat visitors and VIPs quickly.

Improved seat utilisation
Restaurants depend upon rapid service and high seat turnover to maximise revenue with every meal service. Use seat utilisation tools to match parties to their appropriate table size, increasing seating efficiency and reducing the number of empty seats.

Increased host productivity
Automate server rotation with every seating, ensuring equitable distribution of guests and improving speed-of-service. Add reservation functionality to provide real-time reservation capabilities and send email reminders to guests.

Operational metrics to drive performance
Aloha Guest Manager delivers real-time analytics on server performance, table turns and customer behaviour. These valuable analytics allow you to accelerate service and assign high performing staff to busy shifts.