Aloha Mobile

Available today on NCR’s next generation handheld device and in development for consumer mobile devices, NCR Aloha Mobile is an extension of our Aloha Table Service point-of-sale software. Aloha Mobile allows restaurants to easily and securely deploy mobile POS software technology for tableside ordering and payment.

Choose the hardware platform that works for your business
Every business is different. With Aloha, you now have the choice to use traditional POS terminals, NCR’s built-for-purpose handheld device and/or iOS devices within the same location.

Increase consumer engagement and satisfaction
Your business revolves around putting the customer first. Our mobile POS software enables your servers to spend more time with their guests and leverage guided selling on the mobile devices, resulting in better service, increased order accuracy and consistent upselling.

Increase your table turns
With Aloha Mobile, the order-to-service cycle runs more quickly, enabling you to serve more guests and shorten wait times to keep potential guests from walking out. Orders are more easily communicated from the guest to the kitchen or bar in a single step.